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Following the production of my personal website with Gatsby, I was a bit frustrated because writing blog content in Visual Studio Code as a Markdown file is not very sexy.

So I looked for a solution that would allow me to keep the structure of my project with Markdown files while being able to edit the content like a classic CMS. And then I found!

It's exactly the tool I was looking for, just link your forestry account to the project repo git and the rest is magic. The tool is able to find automatically the existing publication types, in my case it's "Work" and "Post".

In 5 minutes, my new CMS was up and running.

And of course this post is written from

The good news is that in my case, this service is free. Indeed the PERSONAL plan allows you to manage 3 sites. Forestry archives accounts that have been inactive for 3 months, but don't panic, just click on "Restore" to find its administration interface. If you are experiencing this problem, it's probably because you are not productive enough at the publication.


On the other hand a point is to be taken into account! The Forestry system doesn't save anything at home, that is to say that each modification on the app is directly a commit on the repo ! And so an automatic Netlify build. This process is highly integrated but can become problematic when you eat the precious free build minutes of the Netlify offer.

Thanks to Frank from the Forestry team for more details on this great solution!

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