Mingei Tottori
Mingei TottoriCreation of an online shop around everyday ceramic objects. Handmade creations of 6 craftsmen from Japan. This project and this shop aims to promote the handicraft of the prefecture of Tottori in France.01 May 2021
Bakus 2.0
Bakus 2.0At the end of 2020, the first version of Bakus celebrates its first year of service. Full cardboard for this solution, which must thus be strengthened to offer new functionalities.20 December 2020
Indies First
Indies FirstRealization of a website for the Indies First operation aiming at promoting distributors, labels and independent artists.30 September 2020
Magic App
Magic AppApplication working as a large notepad in which the user can create his own data model by drag & drop. Then feed his categories with his data.11 July 2020
Balance ta culture !
Balance ta culture !Quiz website organized in categories made in React with a Firestore database. 07 June 2020
timotheebinet.comCreation of my personal website using Gatsby based on Markdown files.01 June 2020
BakusCreation of a dynamic display solution for a fully manageable wine selection. Broadcast on several screens.25 January 2020
Miaou Records
Miaou RecordsRealization of a website for the music label Miaou Records20 October 2019
App Renversant!
App Renversant!The app is a free visit tool adapted to adults and children from 6 years old, available in 3 languages.15 March 2019