Indies First

2020 - Personal

Indies First LOGO
Indies First LOGO



Realization of a website for the Indies First operation aiming at promoting distributors, labels and independent artists.


Distributors, labels and independent artists are calling for public support for the preservation of their catalogs. After surviving a period of confinement, they are now facing a period of recovery that will be very tough due to commercial pressure and uncertainty in the coming months.

Indies First is :

  • A media voice for music independents.
  • A selection of 39 albums in the FNAC, Espace Culturels Leclerc and the STARTER network.
  • A thematic round table at the MAMA festival.
  • A series of online and face-to-face events.

Indies First was born from the grouping of independent distributors within FELIN - the national federation of independent labels and distributors, who for the first time are piloting a joint, concerted and self-financed action.


Implementation of CMS Wordpress 5.5.1 with the creation of a custom theme tailored to meet the objectives.

Plugins used :

  • ACF
  • ACF x OpenStreetMap
  • WP cache