2020 - La Cité du Vin

BAKUS screeshot

API REST Symfony 4 - Vue.js

Creation of a dynamic display solution for a fully manageable wine selection. Broadcast on several screens. The technical choice is organized around a Symfony 4 REST API, a Vue.js administration interface and a Vue.js frontend.

The objective

Initially, the project had to respond to a problem of dynamic display of a selection of 16 wines available for tasting. All of this was displayed on four screens at the Belvédère de la Cité du Vin. These screens can thus be managed independently of each other. These wines are categorized by type of wine (red, white, rosé, etc.) and by geographical location (appellation, region, country).

This solution is intended for visitors when they are about to choose the wine to be tasted. It is a supplement to the explanations of an oenocultural mediator.

BAKUS home

Solution Home Page

BAKUS ajouter un vin

Administration page of the wine selection


The "Bakus" solution has been working every day at the Belvédère de la Cité du Vin since it went into production in January 2020.

A feature was added just before the start of production allowing, via this solution, to broadcast information messages to visitors (practical information, promotions, ...) in the form of a slide that appears on the selection of wines for a few seconds.