Bakus 2.0

2020 - La Cité du Vin

API REST Symfony 4 - Vue.js

At the end of 2020, the first version of Bakus celebrates its first year of service. Full cardboard for this solution, which must thus be strengthened to offer new functionalities.

The objective

The challenge of this new version of Bakus is to cover much more of the professional notion of the oenocultural mediation of the Cité du Vin. Indeed the management of the cellar, the assignment of a wine to a tasting place (Workshops, Events, Belvedere, ...), the management of wine partners or a consumption reporting are tasks carried out until today only via spreadsheet software. Thus Bakus must become the reference point for data on all its business concepts by facilitating the daily life of its users. Moreover, an exchange of files with the logistics partner of the Cité du Vin allows to display the available stock of each wine on its product sheet.

Overview of IU


Product sheet of a wine

BAKUS programmation

Overview of current wine programs

BAKUS part

Wine-growing partner's file

BAKUS show

Screen allowing access to the display of programmed wines


This new version is now in the hands of future users for a period of familiarization. It will be put into service as soon as the Cité du Vin reopens to the public, depending on the health situation.